Drum BSS, Warrington, provides Office 365 setup/support to help small businesses make good use of cloud computing technology. The objective being to improve the back-office processes and procedures. We are able to customise our offer to suit your requirements and provide training if required.

Depending on your requirements:

  • we can set up Office 365 for you
  • we can help tidy up your Outlook, Contacts, Calendars Etc. and synchronise them across devices
  • we can assist with maintaining your MS document templates and Excel spreadsheets in the Cloud
  • we can provide ongoing support if needed

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Cloud computing has brought the cost of office applications software down to such a level that even the smallest businesses can afford and make use of it. For a small monthly subsctription cost small businesses have access to the same back-office infrastructure that large corporate businesses use.

Click on the image below to open a popup window that will provide you with more information. You are also able to apply for a free trial of Microsoft Office from the popup window.

Contact Drum BSS for assistance with any of your back-office support requirements.

Office 365 Support Microsoft Partner

Drum BSS is a member of the Microsoft Partner scheme. The members of Drum BSS hold a number of professional IT, administration, and business management qualifications.  They have also acquired many years experience providing various types of organisations with back-office support.